Pregnancy is a time when you need to take extra care of yourself to ensure you and your baby remain healthy. This includes checking that your vaccinations are up to date to ensure you have the best protection against common infectious diseases. This is a general guide to immunisations for women who are pregnant or planning pregnancy.

Flu Season 

Especially in flu season we want to stress the importance of pregnant women being immunised against the flu.  We are reminding all of our patients at their visits, so please speak to the team or your GP about the flu vaccination which is essential to look after yourself and your baby.

Whooping Cough

This continues to be an important subject to discuss with family and friends.

Babies are not protected from whooping cough until they have had their second immunisation at 16 weeks.  It is important that family and friends who will be holding or touching your new baby have been immunised recently or have had their booster shot.

The flu & whopping cough vaccine is free for pregnant women as part of the National Immunisation Program (NIP).

Other vaccinations

If you are planning a pregnancy, talk to your doctor, nurse or midwife about your past vaccinations and which vaccinations you might need.

Rubella (German measles) and Chickenpox vaccinations are also recommended for women who are planning a pregnancy.

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