HOW TO: Simplify the first month with a newborn

If you’re a first time parent, having a newborn can be extremely daunting!

However there are some tips and tricks you can put into place to ensure you stay organised and calm throughout the first 4 weeks, and here are just a few:

  • You and your partner should try to make a rough plan for the day each morning to feel more organised.
  • Keep note of your baby’s patterns such as when they become sleepy, fussy, or alert. That way you can plan your day accordingly!
  • Try to sleep or rest during the day when your baby is sleeping.
  • Make to-do lists and write important dates on the calendar.
  • Keep nutritious snacks handy – fresh fruit, veggies, crackers and cheese – perfect for eating with one hand while holding or breastfeeding your baby!
  • Make a meal plan each week and meal prep to ensure you aren’t caught short, and make use of supermarket delivery services.
  • Set up changing stations in the living area and in your bedroom.
  • Get a safe front carrier or wrap to keep your baby close.
  • If you’re able, hire a postpartum Doula or even an occasional house cleaner every week or so help you stay on top of general housekeeping.
  • Lastly, it’s very important to ensure that your physical needs are getting met, by eating enough nutritious food and taking care of your body.

While there is so much you can do to simplify your first few weeks as a new parent, we hope that this is a good starting point. Good luck!

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