How to keep your baby safe while sleeping

You may already know that the most important tip to keep your baby safe while sleeping is to keep them on their back – a recommendation that has contributed to an 85% reduction in SIDS deaths since the 90’s. Here are a few more tips to ensure you always create a safe sleeping environment for your baby- day & night.

  • Keep them on their back, keep their head & face uncovered.
  • Keep your baby in a smoke free environment, before and after birth.
  • Place your baby in the cot with their feet close to the bottom end.
  • The mattress should be firm, flat and fit the cot/bassinet without any gaps around the edges.
  • Make sure your cot meets Australian standards.
  • There should be no large gaps between the bars of the cot.
  • Wrapping your baby may help them stay on their back – wraps should be loose enough to allow your baby’s hips to bend and chest to expand. Do not wrap your baby when they are unwell.
  • Use a baby sleeping bag with fitted neck and arm holes or lightweight bed covers which are tightly tucked (but do not use a doona).
  • Do not over dress your baby and keep their head uncovered to stop them from overheating.
  • Do not leave your baby sleeping unsupervised in a pram or stroller.
  • Items placed in the cot may cause suffocation, so do not place soft toys, cot bumpers, sleep positioning aids, sheepskin rugs or woollen underlays in your baby’s cot.

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