Dealing With Summer While Pregnant

Summer in Perth means dealing with 30-40 degree days, which can be uncomfortable while pregnant!

Here are some tips to help you during the hot months:

  1. Drink water regularly, sips all the time ensure you remain hydrated!
  2. Rest – and enjoy resting.This is a time when you should take time out and put your feet up
  3. If you are exercising, make sure you don’t overheat too much. Look after yourself after exercising and ensure you keep your fluids up!
  4. Float around in a pool and keep your body cool. Swimming lowers your body temperature and keeps you cool plus towards the end of your pregnancy it makes you feel buoyant!
  5. Try and do any running around or jobs during the morning when its cooler, then once it gets warm its best to stay inside where its cooler
  6. Cool off with a damp washcloth over your head or spray bottle, a simple way to feel more comfortable
  7. If you can’t get to a pool, have a cool shower!

These tips will help you survive the hot summer months while pregnant… just remember, if you feel faint at any point – sit down, have some water and remember to take time during the day to monitor baby’s movement.

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