Common Newborn Characteristics

You may be curious about your baby’s appearance directly after birth.

Below are some common elements of what you might expect your newborn baby to have. Many of these will diminish as your baby grows but if you have any specific concerns about these characteristics in your baby, do not hesitate to reach out to us for advice!

  • Your baby will have a waxy, white coating to protect their skin.
  • A cone-shaped head formed during birth
  • Soft spots on your baby’s head where the bones will eventually join, called ‘fontanelles’
  • White little bumps on their face called ‘milla’
  • Skin rash, red blotches or patches of deep-pink skin on the face and neck
  • A blue­green or grey birthmark that’s usually found on the lower back or buttocks (commonly called a ‘Mongolian spot’)
  • A paler skin tone
  • Swelling in the genital area
  • Peeling or cracking skin around the wrists or ankles
  • Downy fuzz on their backs, arms and ears
  • Swelling around the eyes and/or a red area in the white part of the eye
  • The hands and feet may look a little blue for the first few days, called ‘Acrocyanosis’ however if you notice other parts of the baby turning blue, contact your doctor ASAP

For further information you can chat with the POGS midwives or our doctors at your next appointment. To make one, please call us on (08) 6270 0123 or email:

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