After Your Baby Is Born

For a lot of women, the entire pregnancy focuses on the developing baby and both parents don’t get a chance to think about that first moment when they see their baby & what you should expect & do immediately after the birth.

After your baby is born, the most important thing is for you to spend quiet time together as a family. Ideally, you will have the chance to spend some quiet moments with your baby, cuddling and enjoying skin-to-skin contact.

Skin-to-skin contact is encouraged for the first hour after the birth to promote breastfeeding, bonding and to keep your baby warm. You can do this after a caesarean birth as well, so long as everything has gone well.

You may notice that your baby has some swelling or bruising, or that their eyes look a little puffy. Babies who have been born vaginally may have an oddly shaped head from birth. This is normal and temporary.

Soon after birth, your baby will have their first feed (breast or bottle).  The umbilical cord is clamped and cut. These days it has become something of a ritual for partners or support people to cut the cord. This won’t hurt your baby. Eventually, the dried piece of cord turns black, dries up and falls off five to seven days later.

Their Apgar score is recorded.  Their weight is recorded.  Vitamin K and Hepatitis B injections are given with your permission   Make sure the three of you take the time as a new family before visitors start arriving.

This is it – the end of your giving birth journey! Now the fun begins…

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