Group Practice

A group practice is a new concept in Perth but is a well proven model of care on the East Coast and overseas.  No obstetrician is able to guarantee a woman that he/she will be available for their delivery because it is impossible to provide safe medical care if you are on duty 24 hours a day seven days a week.  When doctors do take time off they usually ask other practitioners to provide cover for them. 

In our practice a woman books in with one of our specialists who remains her doctor throughout her pregnancy and after the delivery of her baby.  The specialists in this practice share after hours and weekends on a roster basis.  During office hours each doctor is responsible for his/her own patients unless they are busy, when one of the other doctors in the group practice will attend.  Although you may go into labour when your doctor is not on duty we expect that most women will have their own doctor in attendance for the birth of their baby. 

Our practice currently consists of three specialists: Dr Ana Perkovic, Dr Patrick Wu and Dr Pierre Smith. Our group share weekend calls with Dr Charles Armstrong.  

A group practice like Perth Obstetrics and Gynaecology Specialists has several advantages over a single doctor practice

  • 1. Safety: Doctors working in a group has a major advantage where safety is concerned. No tired or rushed doctor will deliver your baby.
  • 2. Second opinions are built into the system as several doctors will potentially give input into your care. 
  • 3. Availability: Doctors in this group share rooms, when your usual doctor is not available to see you our staff will usually be able to give you an appointment with one of the other doctors in our practice.  These doctors will have access to your full medical records because computerised records are shared.
  • 4. Flexibility:  A doctor is readily available for consultation with antenatal visits done on most days of the week.  Women have the option to meet all doctors that share in the on call roster by booking antenatal visits with the other doctors on the roster.
  • 5. Complementary skills amongst doctors in our practice ensure that we can deal comprehensively with women’s health issues. 
  • 6. Our doctors share responsibility and workload, and they have peace of mind that their patients are well cared for when they are not available. They have more time for further training/study so they can stay up to date with their medical skills and knowledge.
  • 7. It is easier for our doctors to support each other and they can spend more time with their families without any detrimental effect to patient care

If you have any question regarding our group practice arrangement feel free to discuss it with our staff or with your doctor. 

It is our aim that your dealings with us as a group will exceed your expectations.