COVID-19 Update – Can I have my partner in the birthing suite?

📣 An important note to our beautiful mama’s to be 📣

We know that being pregnant during a pandemic is a stressful time for you. With reports from the media adding to the uncertainty and your distress, we wanted to clarify things for you regarding having your partner in the birthing suite.

Partners ARE ALLOWED to be present during labour & at the birth at both our hospitals – St John of God Subiaco & St John of God Mt Lawley. This is unlikely to change in the foreseeable future & we urge you not to be swept up in any news you hear from overseas.

Here at POGS we completely understand the importance for a woman to have her support person with her throughout labour & birth. We understand that for you to not have your partner with you will be extremely distressing & detrimental to their baby bonding.

Giving birth (while all the hard work is done by the woman 😉) is the most significant moment a couple will go through & we understand the importance for both parents to be part of the experience as well. As you may be aware POGS team has always encouraged you to allocate a support person to be with you during this incredible moment of your life!

We assure you that a future decision to ban a support person in birthing suites is highly unlikely & if it becomes necessary, the decision will not be made lightly & will be for the safety of all involved. The decision in New York to ban support persons from attending births was quickly reversed, despite the disastrous COVID-19 outbreak there and despite the severe outbreak in the UK, partners there are still attending births.

We urge you to sign up to POGS COVID-19 updates if you haven’t already by filling in the below form to ensure you receive all the latest & relevant local information available to our POGS patients at this time.

If you would like to find out more information directly from SJOG hospital, please read:

Stay safe, healthy & stress free, for you & your bubba! 💗


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