How to keep your baby safe while sleeping

You may already know that the most important tip to keep your baby safe while sleeping is to keep them on their back – a recommendation that has contributed to an 85% reduction in SIDS deaths since the 90’s. Here are a few more tips to ensure you always create a safe sleeping environment for […]

Newborn Bath Time

For the first few weeks of your newborn baby’s life, a gentle sponge bath is all you need to do, until the umbilical cord falls off & heals completely. Here are some basics you need to keep in mind when bathing your newborn. First you need to undress your baby – while cradling their head […]

Common Newborn Characteristics

You may be curious about your baby’s appearance directly after birth. Below are some common elements of what you might expect your newborn baby to have. Many of these will diminish as your baby grows but if you have any specific concerns about these characteristics in your baby, do not hesitate to reach out to […]

COVID-19 Update – Practice Adjustments

A letter from our team To our wonderful POGS parents: We wanted to inform you directly about the adjustments to our practice we have made, due to the current situation we are all facing. At POGS, we have decided to divide up into “teams”. This means each team will only work on certain days, to avoid […]

COVID-19 Update – Can I have my partner in the birthing suite?

📣 An important note to our beautiful mama’s to be 📣 We know that being pregnant during a pandemic is a stressful time for you. With reports from the media adding to the uncertainty and your distress, we wanted to clarify things for you regarding having your partner in the birthing suite. Partners ARE ALLOWED […]