Folate In Pregnancy

Folate is a vitamin that our bodies need to make DNA, form red blood cells and grow & repair cells and tissue. It’s important that women get enough folate during pregnancy as in a developing baby, folate is needed for growth and the formation of the ‘neural tube’ – a layer of cells that goes […]

What Is The NIPT Test?

The ‘Non Invasive Prenatal Testing’ or NIPT is a screening test similar to the first trimester blood test ultrasound that measures the nuchal translucency thickness. These tests give parents a risk estimate; from that, you must then decide whether you want to proceed with a risky invasive procedure such as amniocentesis, a test which samples […]

Ultrasounds In Pregnancy

There is a lot of talk about the safety of ultrasounds during pregnancy and many baby forums provide information that is often untrue and can be misleading for pregnant women. Are scans safe? Ultrasound scans have been used in pregnancy for decades, and there’s no evidence that they are harmful, if used according to the […]

Tongue & Lip Ties

Tongue-tie occurs when the thin piece of skin under the baby’s tongue (the lingual frenulum) restricts the movement of the tongue. In some cases the tongue is not free or mobile enough for the baby to attach properly to the breast. Some babies with tongue-tie are able to attach to the breast and suck well. […]

Post-Natal Depression

PND – signs, asking for help and why you aren’t alone It’s normal to have the ‘baby blues’ during the postpartum period, up to 14 days after giving birth. This is caused by hormonal changes and symptoms may include: – unexplained crying – irritability – insomnia – sadness – mood changes – restlessness However the […]

Contraception After Pregnancy

After having a baby, the contraceptive options you have will depend on your individual needs and whether or not you are currently breastfeeding. It is important to remember that no contraceptive method is 100% effective and some methods are more effective than others. If you aren’t breastfeeding, you are safe to use most methods of […]

Dealing With Summer While Pregnant

Summer in Perth means dealing with 30-40 degree days, which can be uncomfortable while pregnant! Here are some tips to help you during the hot months: Drink water regularly, sips all the time ensure you remain hydrated! Rest – and enjoy resting.This is a time when you should take time out and put your feet […]

Iron In Pregnancy

Your body makes more blood when you are pregnant because you and your baby are growing. It needs iron to make healthy blood. A blood test that looks at haemoglobin (Hb) levels is done during your pregnancy to tell if there is enough iron in your blood. Your doctor may also check your ferritin level. […]

After Your Baby Is Born

For a lot of women, the entire pregnancy focuses on the developing baby and both parents don’t get a chance to think about that first moment when they see their baby & what you should expect & do immediately after the birth. After your baby is born, the most important thing is for you to […]

Vitamin D & Pregnancy

Did you know that Vitamin D is extremely important for the development of your unborn baby? Your body needs vitamin D to maintain proper levels of calcium and phosphorus, which help build your baby’s bones and teeth. Vitamin D deficiency is common during pregnancy, so how much vitamin D do you need? Vitamin D dosage […]